Curvy Head & Body Pillow Set

Made of Kapok hugging a soft tree!

They don't grow on trees, but the fiber inside of them comes from the Ceiba Tree and similar silky cotton trees around the Earth.  We only use 100% pure cotton for the pillow shells and washable covers.  


Change the shape of regular (rectangular) bed pillows with Curvy Transformational (100% cotton) Pillow Covers...The Curvy Backrest (uses 3 bed pillows), The Curvy Body Pillow (uses 3 bed pillows), and The Curvy Head Pillow (uses 1 bed pillow)... and the complete Curvy Cover Set (uses 7 bed pillows).  

Curvy Transformational Pillow Covers

J U S T  C H I L L

​Gracie really knows comfort!

The Chill Zone at the "Healthy & Natural Show" Chicago Navy Pier 2016

Why do we sleep with rectangles when our bodies are curvy?

Made of Kapok Tree-seed Fiber 

The first and finest body pillow provides perfect posture sleep as well as therapeutic special positioning for workout and injury recovery.

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Treehugger Pillows

Total body comfort and perfect posture sleep--100% Kapok head and body pillows including 100% cotton washable covers.   

​...transform ordinary bed pillows into curvy, ergonomic shapes...